International Paper has a portfolio of pulp products to address the variety of needs of paper and tissue manufacturers across the globe. Our outstanding performance yields products with superior tear and tensile strength, sheet smoothness, and uniformity.

Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK)
Northern grade softwood pulp is produced at International Paper mills in Kwidzyn, Poland, Saillat, France, and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The Grande Prairie mill has access to spruce and pine, producing pulp with superior tensile strength, surface smoothness, cleanliness, and uniformity with low refining energy requirements. It is especially suited for premium tissue and towel applications, as well as premium paper and specialty applications.

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Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft (SBSK)
Fully bleached Southern kraft pulp is manufactured at International Paper mills in Riegelwood, NC, Eastover, SC, and Columbus, MS. These grades of Southern pine fibers have high brightness, have exceptional balance of tear and tensile strength, and provide bulk, making them suitable for a variety of tissue, paper, and packaging applications. They are FDA compliant for food contact.

Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft (NBHK)
Northern grade hardwood pulp is produced at International Paper mills in Kwidzyn, Poland, and Saillat, France. These fully bleached hardwood grades provide good tensile strength and printing opacity to paper end products.

Southern Bleached Hardwood Kraft (SBHK)
High brightness kraft pulp of mixed Southern hardwoods is manufactured at International Paper’s Eastover, SC, mill. This high brightness grade is well suited for use in a variety of printing and writing paper, tissue, and specialty products. It is FDA compliant for food contact.

Bleached Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp (BCTMP)
Fully bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp is produced at International Paper’s mill in Svetogorsk, Russia. Prime BCTMP grades are manufactured from hardwood or softwood with the latest technology.

Helix™ Fiber
Helix fiber starts with a bleached kraft feedstock from our  Southern system of mills and is modified at plants in Columbus, Mississippi and Gadansk, Poland.  These curly fibers are an excellent addition to a paper or board furnish to provide a tool to manage bulk, caliper and basis weight.