Matrix® Impact

Matrix Impact is a southern softwood bleached pulp manufactured at International Paper’s Flint River Mill designed for use as a reinforcement fiber in a wide range of concrete applications.  Sustainably sourced cellulose fibers, like Matrix Impact, will accept colors and reduce shrinkage and cracking, when compared to concrete containing common polypropylene fibers.  These cellulose micro-fibers creates a smoother finish compared to polypropylene micro-fibers.

Matrix Impact fiber is made to customer’s specifications for their end use applications.  Therefore, all orders of Matrix Impact are handled as special orders.  The minimum quantity that can be accepted in an order is the equivalent of a full truckload of Matrix Impact product, roughly 18-20 ADMT.  Letters of credit are subject to verification prior to order completion.

Start your order of Matrix Impact fiber now by emailing our sales team and providing the following order information and/or attach a copy of your purchase order:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name, Email, Phone
  • Customer Purchase Order Number
  • Quantity in ADMT
  • Requested Delivery Date
  • Address for Shipping
  • Requested Roll Size
  • Special Shipping Instructions

After we have a chance to review the Matrix Impact order information, you will be contacted by Sales or Customer Service [in your region] to confirm the order information and set product pricing based on quantity and shipping requests to complete your order.