Sales Collateral

International Paper Global Cellulose Fibers offers a wide range of high-quality fluff, papergrade, and specialty pulp used in a variety of consumer products. The following sales sheets will introduce you to some of our top products for baby care, feminine care, incontinence care, medical care, nonwovens, and pet care.

Download the sales sheets to find out how our innovations can translate into product attributes that differentiate your brand. Reach out to your International Paper Global Cellulose Fibers sales representative or contact us for help finding the right product to fit your needs.

Bliss™ Fluff Pulp

Bliss fluff pulp neutralizes trimethylamine (TMA) to help reduce odor and maintain pH at levels recommended for healthy skin to deliver comfortable and discreet feminine care products.


Elegance® Fluff Pulp

Elegance fluff pulp allows you to create thinner, softer, and more absorbent products that provide a discreet product profile and softness that consumers prefer – while minimizing embarrassing leaks and maximizing dryness and comfort.


PolariSoft® Fluff Pulp

PolariSoft fluff pulp is engineered to provide exceptional softness for the most sensitive skin by eliminating nits and improving the fiber distribution and formation for wipes and other low basis weight pad products.


Skin Wellness Fluff Pulp

Skin Wellness fluff pulp captures and neutralizes skin-degrading ammonia to help keep pH levels in the range recommended for healthy skin – providing sensitive skin solutions for baby diapers and incontinence products.


SuperSoft® Fluff Pulp Portfolio

Our SuperSoft fluff pulp portfolio consists of untreated and treated fluff pulp engineered to provide excellent absorption and wicking properties. Best of all, our products are adaptable across a wide variety of consumer products for all ages, lifestyles, and needs.


SuperSoft® Odor Control Fluff Pulp

SuperSoft Odor Control fluff pulp combines innovative odor control technology with excellent absorbency to provide comfortable, discreet products that consumers demand.