Video Resources

International Paper Global Cellulose Fibers offers a wide range of high-quality fluff, papergrade, and specialty pulp used in a variety of consumer products. The following videos will introduce you to some of our top products for baby care, feminine care, incontinence care, medical care, nonwovens, and pet care.

Watch the videos to learn more about how our products can help differentiate your brand – and help you deliver the consistent, outstanding experience that consumers demand. Reach out to your International Paper Global Cellulose Fibers sales representative or contact us for help finding the right product to fit your needs.

Bliss™ Fluff Pulp

Bliss fluff pulp helps neutralize trimethylamine (TMA), a leading cause of intimate feminine odor, to deliver excellent odor control for feminine care products, providing additional security and discretion.

Elegance® Fluff Pulp

Elegance fluff pulp is highly absorbent and quickly moves wetness away from the skin, minimizing rewet and maximizing pad utilization for incontinence products, baby diapers, feminine care products, and more. Plus, the high densification of our cores allows manufacturers to produce incredibly thin products – without sacrificing softness or reliability.

PolariSoft® Fluff Pulp

PolariSoft fluff pulp is engineered to reduce static build-up and provide excellent web formation that improves the manufacturing process while providing outstanding aesthetic softness for airlaid applications and low basis weight products.

Skin Wellness Fluff Pulp

Skin Wellness fluff pulp captures and neutralizes skin-degrading ammonia to help keep pH levels in the range recommended for healthy skin. It also reduces ammonia gas, keeping baby diapers and incontinence products fresher for longer.

SuperSoft® Odor Control Fluff Pulp

SuperSoft Odor Control fluff pulp inhibits the formation of ammonia to provide advanced odor control and exceptional leakage protection in baby diapers, incontinence products, and bed/pet pads.