SuperSoft® Fluff Pulp Portfolio

Our SuperSoft fluff pulp portfolio includes untreated, semi-treated, and fully treated fluff pulp for absorbent hygiene products. We offer a wide variety of specifications with unique product attributes.

  • SuperSoft® untreated fluff pulp
    • Produced on eight of our pulp machines in the Southeast United States, we offer a variety of untreated SuperSoft fluff pulp, all with the highest quality, offering excellent shred quality and absorption properties for feminine care, incontinence care, and baby care products.

  • SuperSoft® AIR® semi-treated fluff pulp
    • Lightly treated to fiberize easily with low static and uniform web formation, our SuperSoft AIR fluff pulp is the ideal product for bed and pet pads, feminine care pads, and wipes.

  • SuperSoft® AIR®+ fully-treated fluff pulp
    • SuperSoft AIR+ is fully treated to provide low fiberization energy, tremendous shred quality, and soft feel, perfect for airlaid processes, feminine care products, and wipes.

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