Sustaining forests.
  • We keep forestland forested and sustainable by sourcing our fiber only from well-managed forests and by providing economic incentives for landowners to manage their resources responsibly.
  • Nationally and globally, we promote legal trade in forest products, support third-party sustainability certifications, and work with non-governmental organizations to drive responsible management.
Energy and emissions.
  • We reduce our air emissions by implementing efficient manufacturing technologies, investing in energy efficiency improvements, and fuel switching.
  • Our mills run on 80-90% renewable biomass residual energy, rather than fossil fuels.
  • Our investments in forest restoration and sustainable forest management help increase forest carbon stocks and mitigate climate change.
Reducing waste.
  • Cellulose fiber is a natural material that degrades much more quickly than synthetic materials, such as SAP and plastics. Using cellulose to replace synthetic materials can reduce the non-degradable material, such as plastic, deposited into the natural environment.
Water management.
  • Unlike other agricultural products such as cotton, forestry doesn’t require intensive irrigation/water use, which helps us manage our water consumption.
  • We also return nearly 95% of the water we use back to waterways and work deliberately to improve the quality of water we discharge.
Accreditations for sustainable practices.
  • ISO certifications
  • Third-party fiber certifications (e.g., FSC® and PEFC™)
  • Nation-specific Ecolabel approvals
Our renewable future.

International Paper strives to create a better future for people, our planet, and our company. That’s why we look at every step in our value chain to find opportunities to incorporate more sustainable practices that leave the world in better shape for future generations.

  • The Future of Forests: Discover how we work to ensure there will be more forested land tomorrow than there is today.
  • Designing Sustainably: Explore the sustainable, renewable, and recyclable solutions we are designing to meet customer needs.
  • Making Responsibly: Take a look behind the scenes of the manufacturing process to see how we protect our employees and the environment.
  • Products to Feel Good About: Learn about the ways that packaging, pulp, and paper are improving the world.
  • Recycling and Beyond: Find out how we are rethinking waste to create products with circular lifecycles and shared value for all.

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