Global Cellulose Fibers

Our Global Cellulose Fibers business is one of the world’s leading providers for fluff, papergrade, and specialty pulp used in a variety of products that consumers depend on every day. Our innovative fiber solutions help differentiate our customers’ products in a crowded marketplace – and move us all toward a more sustainable future.

From our stewardship of forests to ensuring the safety of products people depend on every day, we’re committed to being a force for good in everything we do.

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Brand Pillars

We’re committed to delivering safe, quality products.

Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver safe, effective products with consistent quality. We are responsible for helping protect our customers’ brands, along with our brand. That’s why we focus on safety and quality in everything we do.

We adhere to the strictest product safety regulations and requirements, and actively participate on industry committees devoted to continuous improvement. Even beyond our walls, we protect quality throughout our supply chain – auditing warehouses and transportation providers, and training the staffs of external partners who touch our products.

We’re ready to grow with you.

One of the benefits of partnering with us is that you have access to our multi-mill network. Across all our mills, you can expect the same commitment to quality. We produce consistent products with a full range of specifications. With multiple manufacturing locations and specialty converting facilities, we have the scale and expertise to support your growth.

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We provide regional support.

All of our commercial and technical services are delivered at the regional level. Whenever you need support, you can expect to speak with someone from your region who knows the culture and the language.

That’s because we believe in the importance of building relationships – with our employees and with our customers. We invest in our employees, which allows us to attract and retain great local talent. In turn, our employees work hard to help you find success, getting to know you and your business and taking personal responsibility for delivering on our promises.

We never stop innovating.

Consumer product manufacturers want to differentiate their products – and our innovation teams have the knowledge and experience to create new features and benefits that help your products stand out. We’re always looking for ways to improve our fiber innovations, and we’re proud to work with our customers to do it.

We’re experts in the markets we serve, and we are always ready to collaborate with you to improve your products, with advanced technical support and innovations. Work with our world-class staff of scientists, research specialists, and engineers to develop solutions for a specific need, perform fiber quality tests, and provide insights through product benchmarking and market research.

We’re creating a more sustainable future.

Our business depends on the sustainability of forests. More than that, we know that our employees, investors, and customers care about how we produce our products. Our investment in sustainability makes our employees feel good about doing their job. It adds value for shareholders and investors who believe in our mission. And it enhances brand reputation for our customers.

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We’re looking forward to Our Renewable Future.

International Paper is dedicated to creating a better future for people, our planet, and our company. We strive to create products that we feel good about, while ensuring the future of forests. That’s why we incorporate sustainability at every level of our supply chain by designing sustainably, making responsibly, and rethinking how we handle waste.

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